The Tradeshow Appointments software is available in two versions. Show organizers can choose either the Automated Appointment System or the On Demand Appointment System. CMC can further customize software to meet the needs of each show organizer or event.

Automated Appointments - Participants still select who they see, but they spend less time doing so because all systems are automated. The program automatically makes matches based on common interests, displays the list, and allows for a quick point and click selection and prioritization process. The selections are put in a queue until all are complete. CMC then uses software to generate a master schedule based on these requests while taking into consideration time restrictions as set by show organizers and as listed on individual Personal Planners.

On Demand Appointments - Participants search for contacts, and request and schedule appointments themselves. Micro automated features like the ability to find open times for both parties are built in to make the task fast and easy. Appointments are automatically recorded in each party's Personal Planner. This is the system to use if your participants like full control of their time.